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Book "Graph Partitioning"

Image of the book: Graph Partitioning

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Edited by Charles-Edmond Bichot and Patrick Siarry


Graph partitioning is a theoretical subject with applications in many areas, principally numerical analysis, programs mapping onto parallel architectures, image segmentation, and VLSI design. Over the last 40 years, the literature has strongly increased and big improvements have been made. In this book we bring together knowledge accumulated over many years to extract both the theoretical foundations of graph partitioning and its main applications. This book aims at describing the graph partitioning problem by presenting both methodological and applied chapters. There are three parts to the book: the first part presents graph partitioning for numerical applications, the second part presents the optimization view of graph partitioning, and the third part presents other aspects of graph partitioning. Including new test graphs and test data, this is the first book that really focuses on the graph partitioning optimization problem both theoretically and with its main applications.

Written for

Researchers and graduate students in computer science and fields related to operations research, information technology, applied mathematics and electronics.


Graph partitioning, Graph, Operations Research, Heuristic, Metaheuristic, Hard optimization problem, Community, Linear System, Image segmentation, Air Traffic Control, VLSI design.

Autors list

Jean-Baptiste Angelelli (IML) ; Thomas Aynaud (LIP6) ; Charles-Edmond Bichot (LIRIS) ; Vincent D. Blondel (Université Catholique de Louvain) ; Alexandre Caminada (UTBM) ; Cédric Chevalier (Sandia National Laboratories) ; Nicoals Durand (IRIT) ; Laura Grigori (INRIA Saclay-Ile de France) ; Alain Guénoche (IML) ; Jean-Loup Guillaume (LIP6) ; Renaud Lambiotte (Imperial College London) ; Sid Lamrous (UTBM) ; Amir Nakib (LiSSi) ; Laurent Najman (LIGM) ; Mustapha Oughdi (UTBM) ; François Pellegrini (LaBRI) ; Laurence Reboul (IML) ; Patrick Siarry (LiSSi) ; Hugues Talbot (LIGM).

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